22 oktober 2022

Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon 2022

readathon oktober 2022

Welcome dear readers! Today I’m participating in the Dewey’s Readathon again. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years!

In the past I also had an active role in this readathon. I’ve donated prizes, I cheered readers on as a cheerleader. But in recent years I only participate as a reader. I try to read as much as possible today. I don’t care about the number of books or pages. I’m going to bed early tonight so I can read for a long time. I don’t stay up all night, but I know there are participants who actually read for 24 hours.

Who I am

For all international readers. My name is Luna and I have been a book blogger for over eleven years. I like to read Dutch books. But for today I choose to read American or British authors so that other readers know what I’m reading and that talks a little easier. I have the coffee ready, the cat is lying next to me and my e-reader is full of beautiful books! Let’s get started and have a nice weekend!

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